Digital ZdZ: masterclass and lecture

Zona da Zanfona is a festival based in Rianxo, Galiza. An event to celebrate its sixteenth aniversary leaving the physical place for the cyberspace offering a lecture and a workshop about the hurdy gurdy.

Tobie Miller will give a conference about strings for the instrument and Steve Tyler, a workshop about technique and interpretation of mediaeval melodies. They will be in English for an international audience.

You will need an Internet connection and to have installed the zoom app on your device. It is not the best option, but after these months, we reckon it is something everybody knows how to use already!

We also have courses and concerts this year to attend health and safety protocols and keep a friendly festival as ita has been since 2004. You can check other activities of the festival placed in Rianxo for the 3rd and 4th of July here:

About the lecture: “Strings for the hurdy gurdy: from historical to modern” by Tobie Miller

The essential world of strings: an indispensable element to obtain the characteristic sound of the instrument, yet not well known or studied, nor standardised or built specifically for the hurdy gurdy. From historical strings described in the methods of the Baroque era to hi-tech modern choice of materials; from gut to synthetic polymers; from own experience to the aid of mathematics… this lecture will provide information for any player to understand the characteristics they need to be aware of, in order to get the sound they look for.

More info:

About the workshop with Steve Tyler

The workshop will look at rhythmic patterns to help synchronise melody and trompette so expanding the repertoire of techniques used to embellish a tune; starting from the most basic leading to coup de 4 and the different emphases and rhythms that are possible, adding coup de 6 or 8, playing in rhythms such as 5 and 7 and looking at some different rhythmic divisions of the wheel. Fragments and short patterns will be used along with some simple tunes (including music from medieval sources such as the 13th century Cantigas de Santa Maria).

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  • Language: English
  • Email registration:
  • Subject of the email: “Tobie Miller lecture” and “Steve Tyler master class”. You have to write two emails if you want to attend both events
  • Software required: zoom. Once registered, you will receive an invitation for the meeting on your email a few days before the event
  • Fee master class with Steve Tyler: 15€
  • Fee lecture with Tobie Miller: free
  • Dead line for registration: 01/07/2020


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