This is the internet site of aCentral Folque, Galician Center for Traditional Music is a project focused on study, promotion and management of Galician music with a wide and contemporary approach in Santiago de Compostela.

aCF does:

  • Teaching folk music in schools of Santiago de Compostela (EMaCF) and formerly in Pontevedra (AFI).
  • Organization of stage and pedagogical events.
  • Investigation and promotion on folk and traditional music.
  • Management of bands.
  • Investigation and books publishing.

Resulting more than a centre of studies, it is also about a space of meeting for social and professional relations of those interested in Galician music.

For further information, please write an email to the following address: info@folque.com

Learning at aCentral Folque

The pupils, kingpins of education, can count on the work experience of the team of teachers, remarkable professional musicians in the field of popular Galician music. Besides the necessary support which give supplementary activities: intensive courses, musical excursions, exchanges, productions, promotion of heritage, etc.

The final objective of education would provide every pupil the chance of starting a professional career in the field of music.


Events organization by aCentral Folque

Besides regular education in the centre, the permanent team of the aCentral organizes specialized workshops, summer intensive courses…

aCentral Folque organizes activities which reach the pedagogic dimension and the stage with its International Festivals: Button accordion – Ponteceso-, Hurdy-gurdy – Narón and Rianxo- and Hand drums (tambourines) -Pontevedra-.

aCentral Folque, in collaboration with private and public institutions, encourages the programming of thematic concerts as Portuarias Festival -Ferrol-, Cycle Trad– Pontevedra-; the publication of studies of investigation assures of exclusive productions as Descarga ao Vivo Galiza-Cuba 08, and musicology, discography and broadcasting edition.


The headquarters of aCentral Folque -Galician Center for Traditional Music- are in Santiago de Compostela.

Postal Office

Salgueiriños de Abaixo, 11 L-6, 15703 Santiago de Compostela

You may contact by sending an e-mail to info@folque.com.




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