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24/04/2022 _ 18:00 h


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Béla Szerényi Jr: tekerő in Magyar music

Introduction to one of the oldest survviing living traditions in Europe for the hurdy-gurdy. The tekerő in Hungary has an unique flavour, special technique, own language and adaptation to modern style of playing and Béla Szerényi Jr. is one of the representatives of the talented and virtuoso generation of young players. Also the instrument experienced a rebirth as part of the 70’s revival of the ball dance movement in the continent and players became a regular guests in the dance clubs. International re-known players like Robert Mandel took it to an international audience of hurdy-gurdists and new builders such as Béla Szerényi (father) had taken the instrument to a wider audience within and outside the folkloric music scene since the 80’s until today.

The workshop will have a first part with a brief history of the tekerő, and the specificities of the Hungarian instrument; explanation about the general style and context for the music and a second with practice, representative tunes, right hand technique of the two playing styles  from Szentes and from Csongrád  with ornamentation, rhythms, etc.

This workshop will be a brief introduction to the traditional Hungarian music for tekerő. The two hour workshop will be too short for such big topic but extra material will be given for further study giving examples, exercises, tunes,…


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About Szerényi Béla

Young player Szerényi Béla (right name order in Hungarian language)  is a virtuoso player of various instruments such as tekerő, tárogató, esz-klarinét, tánc and takes part in different projects from the most traditional ones to the most avantgardist like Magyar Band, Hurdy-Gang or the Free Style Chamber Orchestra.

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