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26/03/2023 _ 18:00 h

Ukranian lira: Through the ages, wars and oblivion: what is so special about the Ukrainian hurdy-gurdy tradition? (or how the hell did it survive?) with Gordiy Starukh

Gordiy Starukh, the well known Galitzian (from Galitzia of the European East) maker and musician, opens the ZdZ online masterclasses for 2023, year of the 19th anniversary of the Zona da Zanfona Festival taking place in July in Rianxo (Galiza of the European West). This will be a special session to hear about the context and history behind the lirnyky, Ukranian blind beggars who sang long stories accompanied by the lira (or bandura, the plugged instrument by them used) and the opportunity to learn the style by one of the great musicians of the new generation in Ukraine.

In this workshop, Gordiy Starukh will tell how the hurdy-gurdy got to the territory of Ukraine. About its special place, the mission it performed. Also about secret brotherhoods, connected with this instrument whose existence became known only at the end of the 19th century. Why were ordinary people not allowed to play the lira? For what secret could you be killed by traveling musicians? What are the main differences between the Ukrainian lira and modern instruments? We will also listen to archive recordings of early 20th century lyre players and learn how to play traditional Ukrainian melodies.


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About Gordiy Starukh

In Ukraine, the hurdy-gurdy is closely associated with such cultural phenomena as “startsivsto” – a name for a culture of traveling singer-musicians who used the instrument. In the 1930s this culture, along with its bearers, was physically destroyed by the communists. Gordiy Starukh set himself the goal of reviving the instrument to bring back the culture.

Gordiy Starukh (Ukrainian: Гордій Старух) – artist and music producer from Lviv. In his music, he combines traditional Ukrainian songs and melodies with various elements of electronic music. Thanks to this, it adapts them to the present day and popularizes them around the world.

He has already released two albums (EP «Hmilnyj» 2020, LP “Gate” 2022), eight music videos and participation in the Ukrainian version of the program “The Voice». Multi-instrumentalist. He performs alone, as a one-man band, singing simultaneously playing four instruments – hurdy-gurdy, guitar, percussion instruments and a synthesizer. The basis for his music is a hand-made hurdy-gurdy – an old musical instrument that occupies a unique place in Ukrainian culture. Gordiy also popularized it. Over the past ten years, he has created over 160 instruments that are used by musicians around the world.

He started his solo career in 2017.


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