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29/05/2022 _ 18:00 h


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Johannes Geworkian Hellman: Polska!

Introduction to the Swedish Polska and how to play it on the hurdy-gurdy with Johannes Geworkian Hellman (SWE). This is a masterclass Zona da Zanfona organizes on the road to the 18th edition of the festival aCentral Folque celebrates in July.


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This workshop will be an introduction to the traditional Swedish tune/dance-style known as the Polska. You will get a brief history and background about the polska and it’s many variants. The active practice part of the workshop will mainly be focusing on the polska played with an equal subdivision, often referred to as  Slängpolska.

Johannes will demonstrate and explain his way of approaching this music with the hurdy-gurdy. We will speak about the phrasing of the melody and how to use the crank to support the melody, to get the melody to groove and flow. We will also look at basic patterns for the trompette connected to the Polska, and techniques that we can use to have more dynamics and change of intensity regarding the buzzing. These techniques can of course also be applied when playing other kinds of music on the hurdy-gurdy as well.

About Johannes Geworkian Hellman

Coming from a background in Western Early and Classical music, Johannes discovered the hurdy-gurdy and folk music as a teenager and fell in love with it. He became know as a passionate musician, always searching ways to extend the possibilities of the hurdy-gurdy and exploring it’s different colors.

With the hurdy-gurdy as his voice, Johannes has been touring extensively in Scandinavia, Europe and US with his bands Symbio, Garizim and as a solo-artist. Johannes mainly performs original music written by himself or in collaboration with his band members – This music can be described as a crossover between contemporary folk music, art music and pop music.

During the years he received numerous grants and scholarships for his artistic work. Together with his duo Symbio he was chosen to represent the Swedish National Radio in the EBU Folk Radio Festival (Rudolstadt festival) 2019 and was awarded as ”The Best Newcomer of the Year” with the at the Swedish Folk & World music awards in 2016. In 2011 he was given the first prize by an unanimous jury in the Solo hurdy-gurdy competition in Chateau D´Ars (FR). Johannes has studied Swedish traditional music at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and together with musicians such as Ola Bäckström, Maria Kalaniemi and Mikael Marin. He also travelled abroad to meet and study together with contemporary hurdy-gurdy masters, such as Matthias Loibner, Valentin Clastrier and Romain Baudoin among others – Meetings that has had a deep influence on him. Since graduating in 2016, Johannes works full-time as a freelance musician.

Links: www.johannesgeworkianhellman.com

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