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23/04/2023 _ 18:00 h

Extended techniques: ‘Playing and writing “extended” techniques for the hurdy-gurdy’ with Matthias Loibner

This workshop will be about all the non-traditional playing techniques, of which most players are probably familiar, like glissandi, pizzicato, flageolets, multiphonics and all sorts of things, but maybe they deserve a more detailed look to become the new tradition. In order to create a starting point for discussions and the way we can write it in scores. The session will have a specific section for coup de poignet technique from the basics to the more advanced possibilities, complex strokes and dynamics with the manivelle.


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About the teacher

Matthias Loibner is taking a permanent tour with his Drehleier through various regions, times and musical genres across the world. As an artist much in demand of extraordinary and unusual projects he is collecting the impressions of his travels, encounters and observations in the sound of the hurdy-gurdy, hereby generating timeless musical impressions loaded from a big repertoire between classical, electronic, tradition and imagination.

For his expressive playing Loibner was given nicknames such as Jimi Hendrix, Astor Piazzola but also Harry Potter or James Bond of the hurdy-gurdy. Matthias Loibner was born in 1969 in Austria and started to play music on piano and guitar. He ran away from home in order to become a busking musician when he was 17, but later started to study composition and conducting in Graz, Austria. When he discovered traditional music and the hurdy- gurdy he quit his studies and devoted his life to this rare and fascinating instrument. He soon won the first prize for his playing at the “Concours des vielles et cornemuses” in St. Chartier, France (1994).

Main focusses in his work so far have been original compositions from the french baroque (together with Christophe Coin, Le Concert Spirituel, Les Musiciens de Saint Julien and Riccardo Delfino), the first recordings of Joseph Haydns works for „lira organizzata“ (with Christophe Coin and the Ensemble Baroque de Limoges), the arrangement and recording of Franz Schuberts „Winterreise“ (with Nataša Mirković) and the extended use of the hurdy-gurdy, also combined with an electronic sound processing setup, in the wide field of world, jazz, contemporary and improvised music (with Nataša Mirković, Franz Hautzinger, Lucas Niggli, jazzbigbandgraz, Den Sorte Skole, Basel Rajoub, Christof Dienz, Christian Zehnder, Benedicte Maurseth, Caitríona O’Leary, Ross Daly amongst many others).

Matthias Loibner composed film- and theatre music for Karl Markovics, Henning Mankell, Dimiter Gotscheff , Thomas Wander, Sandy Lopičić and and has been teaching hurdy-gurdy and improvisation at the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts of Esbjerg, Denmark, The Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Sweden and in workshops around Europe, Japan, Australia and Brasil.
In 2008 Matthias Loibner launched the unique sound installation Time Project, which brings together four European bands (Snö, Mitsoura, Palyrria, Familha Artús) from East, West, North and South in order to overcome time and space.

Matthias was invited to play a solo gig in 2008 at the Galician festival Zona da Zanfona (then called “Diálogos con zanfona”, you watch it here and in 2014 for a workshop and a gig you can watch here:


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