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27/03/2022 _ 18:00 h


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Michalina Malisz: hurdy-gurdy in Metal

Michalina Malisz opens the ZdZ online masterclasses for 2022, year of the 18th anniversary of the Zona da Zanfona Festival taking place in July in Rianxo (Galiza). This will be a special session to hear about her impressive professional career, learn style, interpretation, sound nuances and style adapting the hurdy-gurdy to other “untypical” music with ideas about effects, amplification, feedback on big stages, instrument role, etc… within the Rock Metal music on focus.


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During the workshop, we will discuss using the hurdy-gurdy in metal music: from arranging and recording it to performing on stage with a metal band. We will focus on writing rock/metal solos and riffs for the hurdy-gurdy, using scales and techniques inspired by the electric guitar, approaching the recording process, and the equipment that will help you rock the stage. This workshop is destined for intermediate and advanced players.

About Michalina Malisz

Michalina Malisz is a hurdy-gurdy player for the Swiss metal band Eluveitie. Graduate of a First and Second Level Music School in Poland. She stands for blending the sound of hurdy-gurdy with other favorite genres: metal and cinematic music. She discovered and started playing the hurdy-gurdy thanks to Eluveitie. In 2014 she began learning by practicing their songs. In 2016 she became part of this very band as their hurdy-gurdy player. Since then they have  performed on hundreds of stages on five continents.

She also runs a hurdy-gurdy workshop – MM Instruments – together with her husband since 2018.

Michalina is mainly interested in playing metal music on the hurdy-gurdy, hence her fascination with riffs and solos with an approach to the hurdy-gurdy like an electric guitar and mostly focused on left-hand proficiency.

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