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14/04/2024 _ 18:00 h


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How I buzz!: different approaches to trompette with Scott Marshall from Britain.

Sunday 14th of April. Online

First of the online masterclasses for the Zona da Zanfona Digital series with one of the most active players in the virtual hurdy-gurdy world. A workshop for all levels who want to understand his unique technique and improve their habilities for the coup the poignet among other topics this masterclass will cover. Preparatory and extra material will be given to study in the coming months and years!

About the session

In our time together we will explore some different ways I have discovered to approach the right hand rhythm on the Hurdy-Gurdy. We will look at wheel speed, classic traditional and my own half speed version, synchronising the hands and bringing in rhythmic ornaments to the left hand. There will be tips to improve your own playing and we will look at different time signatures, for instance 6/4, 4/4, 10/8 and 6/8. The excercises will be based around some of my own tunes which you can learn to play in their entirety, or fragments for the simplicity of learning the new techniques. All abilities of player are welcome and I will explain both styles of trompette, classic and my own. Sheet music and videos will be provided.

Scott Marshall has been playing hurdy-gurdy for almost 20 years, he has developed an idiosyncratic style and sound that is instantly recognisable. Obsessed with the instrument and has produced a series of multi layered albums using just the hurdy gurdy. Scott is an English musician who has been playing hurdy gurdy since 2005. He recently completed his solo trilogy of multi layered Gurdymania albums, using multiple hurdy-gurdies and effects units. Scott is fascinated by the instrument and has studied with some of the world’s best players.

Website : www.gurdymania.com


  • Type: online + extra study material
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Times: 6 pm to 8 pm (CEST)
  • Dates: Sunday from 14th of April
  • Language: English
  • Software required: zoom app
  • Fee per masterclass: 25€
  • Discount fee all four ZdZ masterclasses: 80€
  • Enquiries: matricula@folque.com


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