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05/07/2020 _ 18:00 h

Workshop from home! Now that is not strange to teach like this, we offer an online course with Steve Tyler from his home studio about different topics. An intense lesson of three hours session with contents to study after on your own for several months.

You need an Internet connection and to have installed the zoom app on your device. It is not the best option, but after these months, we reckon it is something everybody knows how to use already!

We also recommend headphones and microphone for better results. There will be option to make questions in real time.

It will take place on Sunday 5th July 2020 from 6 pm to 9 pm Galician time (UTC +2).

About the workshop:

The workshop will look at rhythmic patterns to help synchronise melody and trompette so expanding the repertoire of techniques used to embellish a tune; starting from the most basic leading to coup de 4 and the different emphases and rhythms that are possible, adding coup de 6 or 8, playing in rhythms such as 5 and 7 and looking at some different rhythmic divisions of the wheel. Fragments and short patterns will be used along with some simple tunes (including music from medieval sources such as the 13th century Cantigas de Santa Maria).

About Steve Tyler:

Steve Tyler has played hurdy gurdy since 1993, playing medieval music with various bands, traditional tunes and modern compositions. With a mathematical and creative mind he is most interested in rhythmic patterns and the interaction of different parts which can inform the interpretation of even a simple melody.

He has performed with such diverse artists as English folk singer Jackie Oates, German industrial/electronic musician F.M.Einheit and South African puppeteer John Roberts, and has played for theatrical productions, historical and traditional dances, and mixed media performances. He is currently playing with bagpiper Katy Marchant and working on dark multitrack music mixing hurdy gurdies with dulcimer, reed organ and diverse instruments, inspired by patterns in nature, mathematics and the imagination.


Registration [ENG]:

  • Language: English
  • Email registration: info@folque.com
  • Subject of the email: “Steve Tyler master class”. You have to write two emails if you want to attend this event and Tobie Miller’s lecture
  • Software required: zoom.
  • Once registered on the workshop, you will receive an invitation by email for the meeting a few days before the event
  • Fee: 15€
  • Dead line for registration: 01/07/2020

Inscrición e información xeral[GAL]:

  • Actividades desenvolvidas en inglés
  • Enderezo para anotarse: info@folque.com
  • Plataforma informática: zoom. Debes ter esta aplicación instalada no teu dispositivo. Recibirás un convite para a sesión
  • Prezo curso con Steve Tyler: 15 €. 3 horas total
  • Data límite para anotarse: 1 de xullo

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