Spring ZdZ Hurdy-Gurdy masterclasses

The Escola de Música d’aCentral Folque organizes three online masterclasses for hurdy-gurdy players in preparation for the 17th festival Zona da Zanfona. Encontro Internacional. This workshops will be given by international maestros on specific topics about the vielle à roue: traditional style from Berry with Grégory Jolivet; introduction to the Baroque style with Tobie Miller; Piedmontese music traditions with Francesco Giusta.

Once a month from April to June we will meet for direct learning in an intensive two hour session with each teacher for a brief introduction to context and history; explanation of style and specificities; proposal of exercises and tunes; questions and live talk.

At the end of each workshop material will be given to study further. Language will be English with regional accents. Tuning: G/C (Baroque workshop pitch at 415Hz).

The sessions will take place once a month on Sundays from 6 pm to 8 pm (Galician summer time, UTC +2).

You will need a decent Internet connection and to have installed the zoom app on your device.


  • Type: online
  • Duration: 2 hours each
  • Times: 6 pm to 8 pm (CEST)
  • Dates: one Sunday a month: Francesco Giusta 25th April; Tobie Miller 23rd May; Greg Jolivet 13th June
  • Software required: zoom app
  • Fee per masterclass: 20€
  • Fee all three masterclasses: 50€
  • Registration fee is not reimbursable. You need to make the payment at least, three days before the workshop. Ideal two weeks before in order to receive the material for preparation.
  • Registration: fill in the form at the bottom of this page; you will receive an email confirmation within 2 days with the payment information
  • Enquiries: matricula@folque.com

Click on each link for further information:


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